Ultrasound scans (30 minutes appointments)

Dating scan


Standard gynaecological ultrasound scan with a doctor


Expert ultrasound scan with a consultant gynaecologist


Mapping of uterine fibroids


Diagnosis and mapping of pelvic endometriosis


Three-dimensional scans to diagnose uterine anomalies and other abnormalities of uterine cavity



Initial gynaecological consultation


Follow up consultation


Combined Tests*

Ultrasound scan and gynaecological consultation (second opinion, management advice)


Ultrasound scan and smear test


Ultrasound scan and endometrial biopsy


Ultrasound scan and saline infusion sonography


Ultrasound guided insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device/Mirena coil


Ultrasound and removal of intrauterine contraceptive device/Mirena coil


Ultrasound scan and tubal patency testing (Three-dimensional HyCoSy)


Follicle tracking (unlimited number of scans in each treatment cycle including midluteal serum progesterone measurement)


*Laboratory costs of analysing blood samples, cytological and histological specimens and costs of intrauterine contraceptive devices are not included in the price